Apparently even Buddhism is a threat to Islam. This is what happened in a country with only 4.6% muslim population.

The Muslim Issue

This is pure, brutal Muslim hate and genocide of a people in their own home country for no reason than being Buddhist. Is this what we want our future to be? Buddhists are being murdered for no other reasons than being kafirs. Thailand has no history of wars in any Islamic country, so they cannot blame it on the usual reasons for their incessant violence against innocent people.
Where is the UN? Where is Amnesty International opposing this savagery? They shine with their silence.

Have you ever wondered how Muslims acquired Christian, Jewish and pagan (Hindu) countries and regions through history known today as Egypt, Syria, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar – which now total 51 countries?

This is how.

Thailand is experiencing Muslim genocide of their people in what is officially called Muslim Military Insurgence. But all it is is Islam…

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