This blog is not about bashing one particular religion. I will have arguments and counter-arguments (mostly videos and photos) for mainly three different religions: christianity, islam and judaism.

If, however, you feel offended by this blog, then you should not read it, you should close this webpage and move on. I am not forcing you to read this, I am not threatening you in any way, I do not know who you are and you should not care who I am or what I say also. If your religion and faith can move mountains, then it shouldn’t be able to be shattered by criticism. Please leave now.

— islam

If you’re a muslim and feel offended because this blog tends to bash islam, consider again, and consider it being in your mind. I try to be equally rational towards all of them, but if there’s just so much more material about islam, then talk to your peers who are being the subjects of that material, and not with me. I’m simply doing copy / paste from YouTube. That’s all. I must also say that I’m not surprised. I would expect you to feel offended at any time, even at mentioning your religion or your prophet, because let’s face it, you’re part of the religion that is violently protesting against a movie that portrays islam as violent. See the irony?

I know, I know, “don’t judge a religion based on the actions of a few” – there seems to be a never-ending list of those “few” and as I constantly show on the blog, there’s quite a lot of them. Your religion is not a violent one, I know. However, be more peacful and less ‘conquering of the world’ – try and understand, we’re all humans, and we like bacon and porn.

— judaism

If you’re a jew and you feel offended by this blog, then you should. There are absolutely no words for me to describe the hypocrisy of the Israelian state. You are OPENLY murdering and oppressing a people, in the same way that it has been done to you by christians. HAVE YOU NOT LEARNED ANYTHING? You should be ashamed and by continuing to promote violence and hatred against muslims, you will only get in return violence and hatred yourselves. Stop oppressing the muslims in Israel, stop the conquer of Palestine. BE PEACEFUL that’s all we ask. (Don’t get cocky muslims, you’re not exactly angels yourselves.)

Although it might be a political issue as much as a religious issue, hating each other’s guts because of religion does not help. Be more peaceful, try and understand.

— christianity

And this brings me to christianity. For fuck’s sake people. Christianity is the worst. Excuse me, it was the worst.

Christianity has done some of the most horrible and unspeakable things I’ve heard of – but it has since stopped. It has moved on from beheading in the name of god, it has moved on from cutting hands, crucifying, burning, slashing and murdering.

However, white supremacy talk is not acceptable. A muslim man is not a sand-nigger and a jew man is not a zionist pig that wants to take over the world. We’re all humans, and of all the people, you should understand that the most. You, as a christian, have a duty, just like everyone else, to stop believing in fairy tales. That’s your duty. However, until then, please, be more peaceful.

You’ll find plenty of chrstianity bashing on this blog also. You’ll find me bashing on any religion that gives me a reason to.

So that’s what this blog is about. Exposing religion for what it truly is. I don’t care all the “good” things religion does, I only care about the bad, I only care about showing the bad.

A person that murders another person, and then donates all of his money to his victim’s family is still a murderer to me. A religion that promotes violence, war, culture clashes and victims on both sides, is still a plague upon society, even if the book preaches understanding and peace.

I don’t care what a religion is about, I don’t care what it preaches, I care what I see, and what I see today is that no matter of the religion, there will always be violence and torture attached to it. Always.

Exterminated the religious plague from your souls and minds before it exterminates us. Stop fighting for the afterlife and fight for the life you have TODAY.


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  1. So if you don’t have faith, what do you have? Faith in what you see? Has your sight or people around you whom you can plainly see ever failed you?


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