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Apparently even Buddhism is a threat to Islam. This is what happened in a country with only 4.6% muslim population.

The Muslim Issue

This is pure, brutal Muslim hate and genocide of a people in their own home country for no reason than being Buddhist. Is this what we want our future to be? Buddhists are being murdered for no other reasons than being kafirs. Thailand has no history of wars in any Islamic country, so they cannot blame it on the usual reasons for their incessant violence against innocent people.
Where is the UN? Where is Amnesty International opposing this savagery? They shine with their silence.

Have you ever wondered how Muslims acquired Christian, Jewish and pagan (Hindu) countries and regions through history known today as Egypt, Syria, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar – which now total 51 countries?

This is how.

Thailand is experiencing Muslim genocide of their people in what is officially called Muslim Military Insurgence. But all it is is Islam…

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The Problem of Islam in Europe

Syrian violence – bombing in Damascus

Yesterday, on the 2nd of January 2013, while most of us were in our beds laying around watching TV, being lazy and thinking about how we’re going back to work, still feeling the holiday aftermath, just enjoying time with our families or friends, people in the city of Damascus, in Syria, were dying. And they were dying horribly. This is what is currently happening in Syria. This is not from some far-off land, in some other time. This is rather close to home if you’re from Europe and distance shouldn’t matter any way. This is the reality that’s around you, and you live in this little bubble of peace while the world is raging in flames. I don’t want to alarm you, I just want to make you aware of the atrocities the Middle East is going through, and want to make you understand that hate towards this people will not help you or them in any way. They need to be helped and supported, not hated. The following events had nothing to do with religion. This is Syria. This has nothing to do with the 9/11 event, nor with your views on Islam or anything else. This is a nation of people just like you and me, struggling to get away from a very cruel and oppressive regime.


The following three videos (especially the first) are very violent, very vivid and very real. They involve burning people and human bodies cut in half. Do not watch this by any means if you are offended or can’t deal with that. I’m posting this here for anyone who wants to see the reality in Syria today. The worlds needs to see this, to understand the Middle East, to understand what’s happening there. Violence breeds violence. Extremist groups are born because everything is fine. Extremist groups are born because of violence, hate and oppression  We, as a whole world, need to help this region break free from oppression and return to the oasis of civilization it once was. Because it was. Stop hating on things you don’t understand, stop hating on immigrants and asylum seekers from these countries, because they really need help. Ask yourself this: What would you feel – how would you transform and become – and what would you do – if faced with this:

Syrian cruelty

Warning! The following video has extreme violence and gore in it. Don’t watch it unless you explicitly agree that you WANT to see two people getting stabbed by Syrian soldiers.

Islam: Muslims will Conquer and Rule Europe!

Israel and Palestine – Forever at war, forever death.

The shocking video muslims don’t want you to see!

Senator Avella “offended” at muslim parade in NYC

Angry muslim heckler attempts to strike street preacher

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