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The Problem of Islam in Europe


Convert to islam

The shocking video muslims don’t want you to see!

Senator Avella “offended” at muslim parade in NYC

A town run by muslims. Dearborn USA.

Muslim man angry at protesters wearing burqas

So wait, now we’re not allowed to dress on the street however we want because we might offend the muslims? Interesting. I’ve never seen someone getting attacked by being dressed in orange like a buddhist monk.

Dirty christian dogs

The West is born of the devil

And this is not a singluar comment. Thousands and thousands comments like these. I can’t even read it without feeling chills down my spine. How can a human being hate someone so much for those reasons?

YouTube comment

Jews being violent and hateful against a journalist for… not being a jew also?

The following video is part of a documentary named “Where in the world is Osama Bin Laden“. It shows a bunch of Jews being pretty much as violent and aggressive as one can be without a reason (I might be wrong, they might be even more violent).

This pretty much tells me that the fundamental Jews in Israel are really, really aggressive with someone for just NOT BEING the same religion as they are. I’m not sure I understand the entire reason behind their violent behavior, but seeing an 80-year old man trying to beat someone who¬†he doesn’t even know, just because he’s not a fellow jew, is downright scary.

I wonder, if they are so violent with a mere journalist, how are they treating their fellow Palestinian neighbours?

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