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The Problem of Islam in Europe


Syrian cruelty

Warning! The following video has extreme violence and gore in it. Don’t watch it unless you explicitly agree that you WANT to see two people getting stabbed by Syrian soldiers.

Islam: Muslims will Conquer and Rule Europe!

England: no-go areas for kuffar (non-muslims)

A town run by muslims. Dearborn USA.

London City University Muslim Society

Muslims attack someone on a public street for filming them

A group of organized muslim men and women attack three people for filming on a public street. They decide who is allowed to film there and who isn’t, and they also decide that they aren’t welcome anymore in a public street. They act in an organized fashion. Since when did freedom start being subject to what other people please?


Sharia law in Australia

Below you have the news report of an Australian TV station that shows how most muslims in Australia openly declare that Sharia law is above Australian law.

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